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5 myths about paint brands that you should Know

There are several common myths about the brand of paint supplier and the price of paint that persist in the minds of industry users. Let’s explore the top 5 myths and debunk them:

Myth 1: Renowned and Marketed brands are always the best.

Reality: While popular brands often have a good reputation, it doesn’t guarantee that they are the best choice for every situation. Different brands may specialize in different types of paints, and their performance can vary based on factors like application method, surface type, and most importantly, specific project requirements. It’s important to assess brands and conduct paint trials to evaluate the feasibility of supply based on your needs and paint points.

Myth 2: Higher-priced paints or chemicals are always better quality.

Reality: While it’s true that premium paints often come with a higher price tag, price alone is not a definitive indicator of quality. The price can be influenced by factors such as brand reputation, marketing costs, and distribution expenses. It’s important to consider other factors like the intended use, performance characteristics, and reviews when assessing the quality of a product.

Myth 3: The price of paints is solely determined by the price of crude oil in the international market.

Reality: Yes, India does import most of its Crude requirements and it remains a driving factor for the cost of paints in general, but it is not the only determinant. Other factors, such as shortage of raw materials in producing countries such as China and Germany, factory shutdowns due to crises such as the recent war in Ukraine, changes in upstream manufacturing processes, changes in environmental and pollution-related regulations across the globe, diversion of key raw materials to other sectors such as Healthcare and many more macro-economic factors such as artificial scarcity, contribute to the sourcing price of crude and its down-stream derivatives in India.

Myth 4: Lesser-known brands are of poor quality.

Reality: While well-known brands often dominate the market segment, lesser-known brands can also provide excellent quality products. These brands might focus on specific niche markets or cater to certain industries, and they may offer unique formulations or specialty products that can be highly effective for your use. It is important to conduct market surveys on specialized paint manufacturers and share your customers’ specifications with these unknown brands before making a judgment on their quality.

Myth 5: Branded paints always provide better coverage per square area.

Reality: Coverage is influenced by various factors such as the formulation of the product, the surface being coated, application technique but most important of all – the right combination of Wetting and dispersing (W&D) agents used to grind the pigments and their suitability in the polymer matrix. While popular brands do their diligence, it doesn’t mean that Indian MSMEs cannot provide comparable or even superior results. Custom-made paint formulations can impart much superior coverage as the formulations are not modular, as is the case with big brands. Each type of pigment – organic and inorganic – behaves differently with different W&D agents and the combinatorial problem explodes when considering the resin system and solvents used. It’s important to talk to a customized paint manufacturer and try a sample rather than solely relying on the brand name.
Remember, you should conduct market research on paint manufacturers, and evaluate their track record in delivering your requirements, audit certifications, customer reviews, and compatibility with your project needs before you select a paint supplier. Don’t solely rely on brand name or price as indicators of quality or suitability. Reach out to a customized paint manufacturer to get maximum value from your paint and paint shop.