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We are the Industrial Paint Supplier in India

We cater to the coating requirements of diverse industries. We manufacture high performance corrosion protection for metal-based components used in automobiles as well as soft feel plastic coatings for auto interior applications.
Tough and resilient stoving grade paints for coating on all types of machinery/equipment/tools and ancillaries. Enamel based paints for power sector and enamel based varnish for radiators & transformers. Rapid drying protective paints for structures including PEB applications.
High build epoxies and customizable chemical resistant top coats which will withstand the most aggressive of chemicals, solvents, acids and alkalis over a sustained time period.
Also recently launched is the new line of coatings for metal containers. Food grade internal epoxy is available along with all regulatory documents for global use. Base and top Coats based on Alkyd and Polyester chemistry complete the list of offerings from Pearl Coating.

We are Pearl Coating

Automobiles & Ancillary

Pearl Coating manufactures top-quality automobile coatings that deliver high performance on roads. we manufacture base coat & top coat lacquers for the Automotive lighting industry in India.

We are Pearl Coating

Industrial Machines

Pearl Coating manufacturers stoving paints, typically used to protect steel or other metal substrates from industrial wear & tear or mildly corrosive operational environments.


industrial paint supplier in India

We are Pearl Coating

Power & Electric Sectors

Pearl Coating manufactures Quick-Drying Enamels used on components & cabinets for the power and electric sector. Typical drying times are between 15-20 min at room temperature.

Power sector - industrial paint supplier in India

We are Pearl Coating

Industrial Structures

Pearl Coating is a no. 1 manufacturer and supplier of 1k epoxies & high weatherable arcryliucs, which is widely used on industrial structures such as pre-engineered buildings for anti-corrosion protection.

industrial structure - industrial paint supplier in India

We are Pearl Coating

Process vessels & containers

We manufacture zinc-rich primers, high-build epoxies, and 1k acrylics which provide outstanding durability and corrosion resistance in C-4 and C-5 environments as well.

process vessel

We are Pearl Coating

Tin containers & collapsible tubes

Flexible food-grade Epoxy paint manufacturer used to coat the interior of tin containers and aluminum tubes. Epoxy Phenolic Lacquer FDA approved. along with, alkyd and polyester base coat and top coat are also part of the portfolio

tin containers


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1. Do we offer painting services as well?

Yes, we provide a one-stop solution to our customers where we manufacture and apply paints and coatings for them.