We Provide One-Stop Solutions for Industrial Coatings

Besides the array of coatings being offered, Pearl Coating manufactures more specialty coatings such as heat-resistant coatings, road marking paints, and insulating varnishes. The company serves as a one-stop solution for all coating needs of the Indian industry.
Road marketings points -Industrial Coatings

Heat-Resistant Coatings

Our heat-resistant variety includes paints in aluminum and black finishes with resistance to heat ranging from 200°C to 650°C. Applications include chimneys, exhausts, and industrial ovens. These are manufactured in air-drying as well as two-component chemistries depending on the end application requirements.

Road Marking and Floor Coatings

Road marking paints and floor coating paints are based on acrylic and epoxy respectively. Both paints are custom manufactured to cater to the individual company's needs. These include
  • anti-skid coatings
    • For use in industries where oil spills, greases, or other liquids are used on the shop floor
  • chemically resistant coatings
    • For use in chemical factories where the floor/wall must withstand fumes and/or corrosive chemicals
  • high-impact tolerant coatings
    • Used in heavy-duty industries where resistance to falling objects and wear under heavy equipment is necessary.
  • Self-levelling coatings
    • Commonly used on concrete floors as they produce a seamless and smooth surface. Areas include garages, warehouses, and storage places.

Aircraft Paint

Pearl coating boasts of manufacturing air-grade paints which have been supplied to government-run companies such as Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd.

Insulating Varnish

Insulating varnishes are resins like epoxies or alkyds used to protect high voltage machines such as transformers, motors, and generators from electrical failure. They are applied over electrical conductors to provide a layer of electrical isolation and prevention of shorting.
Insulating Varnish
Aircraft Paint
Heat Resistant Paint
Road Marking Paints