Top Coat Paint

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These paints are made of synthetic alkyd-based resins. They are used for economical coating purposes with reasonable performances. They can be broadly classified into:
Stoving Paints
Enamel Paints
Quick Drying Paints

Air-Drying Synthetic Enamels

They are made of resins that contain long-chain fatty acids. They cure via oxidation in the open air. Synthetic enamels produce extremely glossy finishes. They find use in applications where aesthetics is a prime requirement and the substrate is not used in harsh conditions.

Quick-Drying Enamels

They are made of chain-stopped resins. The short oil length enables quick dry times after application. Typical drying times are between 15-20 min at room temperature. Largely employed in industries when process cycle times are short and yet glossy finishes are imperative.

Stoving Enamels

These finishes produce much more durable and resilient coatings. In this chemistry, a calculated amount of formaldehyde is incorporated into the alkyd resin. After application, the coated substrate is subject to heat due to which a cross-linking reaction takes place between formaldehyde and hydroxyl groups of the alkyd resin. These coatings can be customized to produce chemically resistant coatings, tough and flexible coatings as well as weather-stable coatings.