We are a leading supplier of industrial paint for various industries

Lacquers are a formulated combination of resinous materials that provide performance characteristics to its substrate during the service life of the substrate. Common performance enhancements Include heat resistance or insulation, gloss, durability against scratches and abrasion marks.

High Performance Polyurethane coatings provide a tough film with high resistance to UV degradation and exterior weatherability. The product retains its aesthetics for several years. They find extensive use in the auto industry and the white goods industry. Performance can be tweaked to add functional resistances to water, oll, stain, and bacteria.
Specialised Epoxies are highly durable and resilient coatings offering protection in the utmost challenging and uncertain environments. Examples are marine and other submerged conditions, pipelines, mining, process, and petrochemical industries. Pearl Coating is a supplier of special grade industrial paints & epoxies for highly corrosive and chemically harsh environments.
Adhesive & Sealants – Pearl Coating manufactures epoxy and PU based adhesives and sealants. These deliver impregnable bonds between two metal objects. They are designed to add permea tion resistance against an array of solvents and chemicals.

We are Supplier of Industrial paints for more customized applications such as-

  • Rapid Dry Anti-Corrosive Coatings for engine castings.
  • Heat-Resistant Paints for auto parts like mufflers.
  • Insulating Paints & Varnishes for pipelines and transformers.
lacquer- supplier of industrial paint
Lacquer refers to polymers dissolved in solvents or other volatile compounds such as Nitrocellulose to produce coatings whose primary function is to protect the substrate from the external environment.
Epoxy coating-supplier of industrial paint
Epoxy Coatings
The basic building blocks for polyurethanes are diisocyanates and polyols.
Primer-supplier of industrial paint
Primers serve as intermediate coatings between the substrate and the intended top coat finish which may be an enamel or polyurethane among many others.
paint coat- supplier of industrial paint
Paints For Top Coat
These paints are made of synthetic alkyd-based resins. They are used for economical coating purposes with reasonable performances.
industrial paint supplier in pune
Besides the array of coatings being offered, Pearl Coating manufactures more specialty coatings such as heat-resistant coatings, road marking paints, and floor coatings.
polyurethane-supplier of industrial paint
Polyurethane Coating
The basic building blocks for polyurethanes are diisocyanates and polyols.