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Lacquer paint refers to polymers dissolved in solvents or other volatile compounds such as Nitrocellulose to produce coatings whose primary function is to protect the substrate from the external environment. Imparting colour is usually not a functionality of lacquer coatings. Some of the lacquers coatings developed at Pearl Coating are given below:

Base Coat Lacquers

Pearl Coating manufactures base coat lacquers for the Automotive lighting industry in India. Customized lacquer paint alternatives are produced for many substrates including metal and plastics such as ABS, BMC, PS, and PC which are used to manufacture headlamps and tail lamps. These base coat lacquers serve to provide a smooth and adhesion-ready surface for subsequent deposition of Aluminium via the Vacuum Metallising Process. This also helps increase the thermal integrity of the headlamp.

Acrylic Lacquers

Lacquers paint, where acrylic polymers are the base resin, are classified into Acrylic lacquers. These are colorless and transparent. Coatings made of acrylic resin provide excellent outdoor durability and anti-yellowing properties. Their advantage is exceptionally fast drying time. Owing to these, acrylic lacquers paint are widely used to produce clear coatings for top coat applications. These coatings can be applied on metal as well as plastic substrates.

Nitrocellulose Lacquers

These lacquer paint contain nitrocellulose, a material obtained via the nitration of cotton and other cellulosic compounds. Nitrocellulose lacquer paint produce a hard yet flexible, durable finish that can be polished to a high sheen. These lacquers dry faster than acrylic lacquers and find extensive use in low-performance applications such as block coating, ornaments, and musical instruments. The drawback of this class is the hazardous and flammable nature of nitrocellulose. They yellow easily when exposed to sunlight.

Heat Seal Lacquers

Heat Seal Lacquers paint can be classified into two major groups based on their end-use: peelable lacquers and push-through lacquers. The former is used in the food industry while the latter is consumed by blister pack manufacturers in the pharmaceutical industry. These provide a sealing layer between two different substrates. Commonly used interfaces are Aluminium(Al)-PVC, Al-PET, and Al-PP. While primarily functioning as a sealant, it also creates an oxygen and moisture barrier between the stored consumable and the outside environment.

Epoxy Phenolic Lacquers

Formulated as per international food-grade compliances. This one component lacquer paint has excellent flexibility & resistance to alkalis acids & other mildly corrosive chemicals. Aluminum bottles & collapsible tubes are recommended for use with monobloc tin cans.

Epoxy Phenolic Lacquers
Epoxy Phenolic Lacquers
Heat Seal Lacquer
Top Coat Clear Lacquer
Nitrocellulose Lacquers