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Top 3 Reasons for Inconsistent Paint Quality

There could be various reasons why a coating manufacturer provides inconsistent paint quality.

The top three reasons are:

  1. Quality Control Issues:

The manufacturer may have inadequate-to-no quality control measures in place, resulting in inconsistencies in their paint production. This can lead to variations in color, gloss, coverage, flocculation, flooding of pigments to the surface, loss of dispersion fineness(re-agglomeration of pigment particles), etc. If the supplier doesn’t have robust quality assurance processes and checks to find these, it will result in inconsistency in the paint they provide; ultimately leading to rejection at your end.

2. Incorrect Formulation or Batch Variation:

The paint supplier may sometimes consume expired or alternate materials into the existing formulation to reduce inventories. In such cases, the paint finish may behave differently or experience batch variations during production or even at later stages. These variations may cause performance deviations, sometimes, several days after the application of paint. Even minor errors in the formulation or discrepancies in the manufacturing process can result in noticeable differences in the paint’s performance and appearance.

3. Substandard Raw Materials:

The paint supplier might use substandard or low-quality raw materials in their paint formulations. Raw materials used for initial developments and those used for supply will differ for cost considerations by the paint manufacturer without the knowledge of the paint consumer. Inferior pigments, resins, solvents, or additives can adversely affect the paint’s quality, leading to issues like poor coverage, adhesion problems, color fading, or other undesirable characteristics.

Therefore, it is important to communicate your concerns with the supplier and express your expectations for the desired paint quality. It is advisable to conduct periodic audits at your paint supplier to ensure that the entire manufacturing process from sourcing to quality check to supply is robust. They may be able to address the issues, provide alternative solutions, or recommend a different product that meets your requirements. If the supplier consistently fails to meet your expectations, it might be necessary to explore other reliable paint suppliers who can provide the desired quality.